Tackling otherwise inaccessible backlog

Reminded today by Marcus Wong picking up the West Footscray “turnback” mistake that the trail of submissions made over recent years in the policy development and planning space aren’t reasonably accessible to others.

So the intention here is to try to redress that once I get a handle on how to use WordPress adequately for that purpose and the current flood of waterways final drafts for comment are done, a topic for tomorrow, Thursday 12 July’s, Emergence Meetup.

Hopefully it will be easier to maintain currency here rather than try to do more with my static Memes pages or even update Exploring Possibilities which has become a snapshot in time even while its title remains definitive.

After a couple of decades, even Transforum has degenerated to a place for occasional mentions while Facebook and the ease of using its Groups, to say nothing of its ease of image sharing, are making compartmentalising more practical.


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  1. Update 7 April 2021: Finally got back to add three submissions from May 2016 which also provide background to a much more ambitious submission to the 2020-21 parliamentary committee inquiry into Ecosystems Decline in Victoria which should also be added down the track. While it is hoped a more assorted trickle of earlier submissions will eventually be added, it is not now intended to further dilute the focus here, at least not beyond similarly complex and vexed issues in transport planning.


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