Assessing the Healthy Waterways Catchment Collaborations

Collaboration (8.6 Mb PDF)

This is the third of three submissions I’ve made to Melbourne Water’s draft Healthy Waterways Strategy (HWS) following extensive participation in the HWS refresh process since learning at the second HWS Co-governance Waterways Lab in November 2016 that the Maribyrnong catchment was slated to be the pilot for a process to be rolled out across the five subcatchments of the Port Phillip and Westernport catchment for which Melbourne Water is responsible.

If attempts to assess the collaboration process and outcomes from the wider perspective of Kororoit Institute’s historic connection to Dave Snowden’s Cynefin methodology which has guided the Catchment Collaborations and KI’s interest in services for Melbourne’s western growth areas. Successful and unsuccessful projects inspired by the Maribyrnong Catchment Collaboration are cited, including the last moment need to convince Brimbank City Council to override a council officer recommendation to reject a Planning Panel determination which put working on this submission back four days.Cynefin2x2

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